Our brilliant girl stands out for all the best reasons

Kitty’s nursery recently had a visit from the Ofsted inspector and asked for parents’ comments.

I’ve been really pleased with everything they’ve done for her, so took five minutes to write an email, focusing on the strong bonds Kitty has with her key workers and how they always find ingenious ways to help her get fully immersed in every activity.

I wasn’t aware that the nursery had chosen Kitty to spend time with the inspector; not surprising as she’s a proper little charmer.

What was surprising was their reaction to my email.

When Kitty’s key worker handed it to them, they apparently read it and looked puzzled.They asked if there were two little girls called Kitty, because the Kitty they’d spent all that time with wasn’t missing part of her arm.

Yep. They genuinely hadn’t noticed.

Slightly worrying, you might think, for a professional observer, but it confirmed what we’d always thought; her personality and charm are what really stand out. 

Now, we stopped noticing her arm about five minutes after she was born. But it’s amazing how someone else completely discounting her difference can give you a boost you didn’t even know you needed.

But then that inspector just confirmed what we already knew… she’s amazing and that’s all anyone needs to know about her. 


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