Tips for life with a ‘little arm’ #1: Getting dressed

Kitty is my first baby, so everything’s new (and sometimes challenging!).

Caring for her is no different because of her arm. But I have learned a few little tricks that may help you if you find yourself in a similar situation.

I’ll start with the easy stuff – getting dressed.


Kitty’s looking cool for summer

#1. Don’t try to hide it – Kitty uses her little arm, holding it with her hand and using it to touch and bash things. If it’s covered, it’s hard to use. Plus, if you’re telling a child it’s OK to be different, then cover it up, you’re sending very mixed messages.

#2. Buy sleepsuits without built in scratch mitts – you can adapt them but you go through so many in the early days, it’s easier to roll sleeves up. And extra material round the cuff can make them too tight.

#3. Roll sleeves up before you put the outfit on – most babies hate getting dressed, so this little bit of preparation saves time and grizzling.

#4. Little arm first – it may seem counter-intuitive, but I always find putting her little arm in the sleeve first is easier.

#5. Get Granny knitting – jumpers and cardis are hard to adapt and too thick to roll, so find someone who can knit clothes with a shortened sleeve. Luckily I know some very talented knitters so Kitty has a collection of customised cover ups.

#6. Learn to sew – I haven’t got round to this yet as she’s been mainly in baby grows and now it’s summer, short sleeves, but hope one of my crafty friends will show me how to use my very confusing sewing machine so I can adapt her winter clothes.

#7. Choose carefully – it’s easy to get hooked in by a cute baby outfit, but always think practically. We have a few things that have never been worn because they can’t be adapted or rolled up. Think first and it’ll save a lot of hassle and expense.


One Comment

  1. I’ve just recently received a lovely bundle of hand knitted cardigans made specially with the right arm shorter than the other in preparation for my little boys arrival – so thoughtful of my friends gran to make them for us.
    Definitely taking note of “little arm” first – can’t wait to get him in a little outfit. 5weeks til due date!

    I love reading your blog about kitty, she is gorgeous! Xx



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